[EIB] Hotfix! v1.0.2 and Roadmap

Thank you to everyone who's played my game so far! I've been keeping an eye on YouTube and Twitch these past few days and I found some things that needed a quick fix. I'd also like to take the time to address some outstanding bugs I've found, as well as my plans for the game down the road.

v1.0.2 Changes:

  • Adjusted foot collider for chicken. This should make it a little easier to climb over certain obstacles.

  • Slightly increased burger bounciness in Stage 2. Some obstacles will be harder, yes, but I felt the final obstacle was too hard otherwise.

  • "X" opacity decreased from 50% to 25%. Some players break so many eggs that they can't see the obstacles anymore. Expect a setting for this in the next major patch.

  • Added a checkpoint after the triple plates in Stage 1. There's too much of a difficulty spike at the end of the level otherwise, and I want more players to make it to Stage 2.

  • The credits now appear in the Level Select menu after finishing the game.

Outstanding Issues:

  • The chicken can get stuck walking across the manholes near the end of Stage 3. Yes, that's a bug, not a feature. Whoops!

  • The last grating in Stage 3 doesn't drop all the way down on occasion. This one's a mystery to me and will take some time to investigate.

  • Landing on a manhole in Stage 3 can sometimes causes an unexpected vertical launch. I suspect this happens when you land on a manhole that has just reached resting position.


  • Add some settings that are missing (volume, quality)

  • Add controller support and keybinding

  • Add Steam Achievements!

  • Revamp Stage Select screen to include stats

  • Introduce more playable characters and eggs

  • (maybe) New set of stages? Like a New Game +?

  • (maybe maybe) Custom stage builder?

Hey you, thanks for reading to the end! Fun fact: using the Konami code in the main menu unlocks all the stages.